Chama and Durango 

October 2007

A quick visit to Chama and Durango over the weekend of October 26-28 as part of my cross country motorcycle trip  

 For last years more extensive images of Durango click here



Chama Station


K37 #492 lying derelict in the yard


K36 #483 in even worse condition


This small Diesel was sitting outside the backshop office


This Jordan spreader had received a fresh coat of paint


K37 #497 in covered storage


This railmotor also in covered storage


Mr Anderson and crew were all engaged in the process of fabricating parts in the press


K36 #489 undergoing a full "ground up" overhaul


489 sitting on accommodation bogies


K36 #487 sitting outside at the back of the shop


A new chimney for a K36




Departure from Durango for the 315 on it's first revenue trip


Backing down to the train


Randy Babcock (Fireman) and Travis Wheeler (Driver)

These three images taken by Michael Mahaffey on September 26th 2007


As part of the night time smoke mitigation process, the loco's now burn wood pellets. 

Each loco consumes about 1,000 lbs per night


The tender off K28 and C18 #315 are drawn on to the turntable to facilitate the entry of 315 into the museum for the winter


C18 #315


The backhead of 315


Drivers position on 315. 

This is not an easy loco to drive from an ergonomic perspective


This is the diesel shown under overhaul last September


Railmotor "Casey Jones" down from Silverton for the winter


The original V8 Cadillac motor in the "Casey Jones"


K28's 478 and 473 under repair


K36 480, 81and 482 under repair. 486 was in service

481 has a new smokebox door since last September

482 was receiving new tubes. All three a valve and piston exam


The old firebox tubeplate from K28 #473



Thanks again to Larry Beam, Travis Wheeler and Michael Mahaffey for their hospitality during my visit to Durango









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